Is group therapy right for your child?

Group programs can be a great way to keep kids engaged and having fun in therapy, avoiding the burnout that can occur with long term 1:1 clinic based sessions. Group programs have the added benefits of working on social skills, following instructions and building skills for a specific functional activity. This can help kids to remain engaged in physical activity with the focus being on FUN and building a SKILL. Our groups are designed to help kids work towards building their ability to translate these activities into their daily life at home, school and within other community activities over time. Participating in group based, physical activity will help build your child’s skills to extend their abilities to play with their friends, while continuing to also build their fitness, strength and co-ordination. 

Chat to your Physio within one of your sessions, to see what type of group program might suit your child or whether this may be a goal to work towards participating in.

Learn more about our group physiotherapy programs

Frame Running Club

Frame Running allows our kids with a complex physical diagnosis, who may not be able to run independently, to build their running ability and fitness, with the support of a frame.

Our Frame Running Club is supported by 1-2 Physiotherapists and families are encouraged to get involved with their child, helping support their motivation and participation in the group.

This group runs twice per week at the Sunshine Coast University athletics track. Frames are available to hire / use, so you don’t need your own frame, however we can support you to work towards purchase of this through NDIS if it is a goal for your child. Some children use this group to work on their fitness and personal best lap times, while others are working on small group activities and upright mobility in the frame.

Get in touch with your Physio if you are keen to try frame running as we can help set up a trial in the frame as a starting point to taking part in this group activity.

Swim Club

Our Physiotherapy team has identified that for many children on our caseload, there is often a ‘gap’ for many children we support, which makes it challenging for them to have success when participating in regular learn to swim lessons. For some children, their additional needs require a slightly different approach when teaching swim techniques or require an additional intensity of practice for skills to be learnt. It can also be the structure of regular learn to swim groups and size + environment of these which impacts on learning skills also. Therefore, our small group based Swim Club, has the goals of:

  • Providing higher level of 1:1 support, within a small group context (maximum of 5 children per group) with a high ratio of specialist swim teaching support (1 Physio + 2 x Exercise Scientists – who are themselves Paralympic swimmers with significant professional + personal experience in learn to swim with a disability focus). Staff will be in the pool with children to ensure safety and support. 
  • Focus on teaching learn to swim skills and stroke correction skills, rather than this being a therapy / hydrotherapy style session. 
  • Higher intensity of sessions within a ‘block’ of time. Children can attend 2 x week for a 30 minute session each time, across a 10 week period of time. Total of 20 sessions available for the term to allow for repeated practice of skills and maximum learning. Children are encouraged to register for 1 Term of this program with the goal of then taking skills back to their regular Learn to Swim program as able. 
  • Sessions conducted in a quieter environment outside of a regular aquatic centre. Sessions will be held at the Sunshine Coast University indoor pool, working with our Physios + the Exercise Science / Paralympic swim team for coaching support 

If you think Swim Club could benefit your child, please talk to your Physio within one of your sessions to establish goals around this and determine suitability. If you are a new client to our team, please phone our Admin team to discuss – an initial assessment is required with our Physio team to be involved with this program and ensure it can be provided for your child in a safe, suitable and goal based model. 

Theraplay Group (Early Intervention Playgroup)

Our Theraplay group is designed to support our families navigating an early complex, developmental journey or diagnosis. The group runs on a 10-week, school term based model, with 1 x session per week. We ask that families commit to attending the 10 week program to assist in best supporting the group dynamic / learning and building meaningful connections. 

This group provides children and their families the opportunity for facilitated and purposeful play, in a supportive environment. The group will be run by 1-2 of our Physiotherapists each week, with both an educational and hands on component. 

Each week has a theme that will support education and therapy activities during a fun, play-based session, with interaction encouraged. Families will have the opportunity for meaningful social connection, to be able to support and learn from each other, whilst supporting their child’s development and building a sense of community.

If you would like to participate in our Theraplay Group, please talk to your Physio within one of your sessions. If you are a new client to our team, please phone our Admin team to discuss – an initial assessment is required with our Physio team to be involved with this program and ensure it will be suitable for your family and child.

Group Therapy Dance Class photo

Dance Group

Our dance group is an all abilities class run by both a Physiotherapist + Dance Instructor. This is a Hip Hop style of class and children can participate in a variety of ways – using assistive technology for physical support as required. This has been established for:

  • Younger children who would like to build skills in a supported, all abilities dance class, while working towards being able to transition into a mainstream dance class model
  • Older children who have more complex disability, who require an all abilities dance class, in conjunction with their overall therapy program, to build and maintain their physical abilities. Some members of this group may prefer the structure of our sessions prior to transitioning into a larger, community based, all abilities dance group. 

Sessions run 1/week at our clinic space and goals for each child participating in the group are reviewed on a regular basis, with their treating Physiotherapist, to ensure on-going participation is beneficial. The group runs for 10 weeks, on a school term model. If children require hands on support to participate this will be discussed with your Physio – generally families wait outside to allow the group to function well from a social perspective, however support workers can be integrated. Week 10 of the group involves a ‘concert’ where families are asked to come and watch and observe the skills the children have been building throughout the term.


Therapuetic Benefits of Group Programs

Skill Based Activities

Social Interaction

Develop Routines

Improve Physical Fitness

Build Strength

Improve Co-ordination

Education for Families

Community Based


All Abilities




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